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Designed for clinicians by clinicians to speed time to answer and enhance the decision-making experience.

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DynaMedex is nationally recognized for its excellence, efficiency, and accuracy.

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Quickly reference the most current practice-changing updates and content relevant to your clinical practice on our user-friendly platform.

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2,300+ Reviews with a 4.9/5 Star Rating

5 Star Review

Saves Time

“DynaMed is a really good tool, not only for medical educators, but also for doctors. It saves time, is very clear, and provides us [with] updates on the latest clinical evidence. Because of this, it is very helpful for teaching medical students and in daily clinical practice.”

Dr. Chang YinYi, MD, MPH, PhD
Director of Minimally Invasive Endoscopic, Dept. of Obs/Gyn
China Medical University Hospital

5 Star Review

Fast and Convenient

“DynaMed is fast and convenient for evidence-based medical practice, clinical decision support and shared decision making.”

Dr. Chang YuJui, Nephrology
China Medical University Hospital

5 Star Review

Robust and Evidence Based

“DynaMed Solutions’ content is robust and evidence based. I like the methodology in terms of the experts that EBSCO Information Services taps into. The information is not just expert opinion; the information is rooted in the literature and evidence.”

Anonymous Manager
May 2022

5 Star Review

Simple and Intuitive

“The product is a stand-alone solution. It is very simple and intuitive.”

Anonymous Manager
May 2022

5 Star Review

This Product is Wonderful!

“The product is wonderful. The vendor has continued to develop it, and they are extremely receptive to comments. I love how quickly they update the system as well. Not every resource updates as quickly as this system. If something comes up that is in the news or coming across in the literature, the system covers that content. The system is on top of everything. JAMA published information recently about a certain drug, and within 10 days, the system had that information updated and modified. The system is really trying to provide point-of-care information, make it relevant, and get patient-oriented evidence that matters to the clinicians.”

Anonymous Director
March 2022

5 Star Review

Keep Me Current

“I use DynaMed to influence and inform treatment options, consulting DynaMed to support tacit knowledge and when looking at treatments to keep current with stats on treatment success rates.”

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust


DynaMedex combines the highest quality evidence-based information, expert guidance and a user-friendly, personalized experience to deliver accurate answers fast at the point of care.

With DynaMedex, clinicians can easily search, browse, and follow the topics and specialties that matter most to them, and get fast, actionable answers to their clinical questions. Additionally, users can earn CME, CE, and MOC credits while they use DynaMedex for during their daily clinical practice.

DynaMedex offers all of the same comprehensive evidence-based information included in DynaMed, but adds the power of Micromedex drug information, including NeoFax and Pediatrics specialty dosing resources, along with differential diagnosis, IV compatibility, and drug interaction tools.

We price our subscriptions based on your clinical role. Our student version of DynaMedex is available at a budget-friendly price of $149, while our more robust versions for practicing clinicians start at different price points. As you progress through the subscription process, simply select the subscription option that aligns with your clinical role to ensure you gain access to all the content you need.

To begin the subscription setup process, simply select the version that aligns with your clinical role. Next, you will be asked a few quick questions about yourself, your needs, and your role. After that, please agree to our GDPR requirements, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions. Finally, enter a valid payment method to complete your purchase, and you'll be all set to start using DynaMedex!

Absolutely! One of the benefits of choosing DynaMedex is that you can earn your CME and CE credits while using the solution in your practice. You can earn credits every time you use DynaMedex's evidence-backed resources. It's also easy to claim MOC credits while using DynaMedex.

Each DynaMedex subscription is valid for one year and is automatically renewed on the subscription anniversary date. We also offer 30-day free trials and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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